An online auction of works of art will be held.

An online auction of works of art will be held.

An online auction of works of art will be held in Azerbaijan on January 10, 2022, organized by Auction Baku LLC.

The next auction will be held in order to establish business relations in the field of culture and art in the country, to establish contacts between buyers and sellers, to strengthen competitiveness in the field of art business, to increase the role of creative industry in economic development.

It should be noted that the event will be the first online auction to be held in our country after the COVID-19 pandemic, which has spread around the world.

The Azerbaijan State Art Gallery provides methodological support to the organization of the auction.

The following works will be auctioned at the online auction.  Those wishing to participate in the auction can follow the social network accounts of Auction Baku LLC.

 LOT-1 - Mikayil Abdullayev "Landscape"

 Lot-2 - Mahmud Rustamov "Glamor genetics n-: 2"

 Lot-3 - Rashad Jabarov "Talk with a cat"

 Lot-4 - Farman Gulamov "Near the sea"

 Lot-5 - Bahruz Kuul "A piece from heaven"

 Lot-6 - Samedaga Jafarov

 Lot-7 - Namig Mammadov "White flowers"

 Lot-8 - Namig Mammadov "Prayer"

 Lot-9 - Hamza Abdullayev "Port"

 Lot-10 - Samadaga Jafarov

 Lot-11- Bakhtiyar Yusufov “Bitter pepper”

 Lot-12 - Aliabbas Karimov "Ship"

 Lot-13 - Mirazar Abdullayev “Mystery”

 Lot-14 - Ilham Mirzayev "Mother's love"

 Lot-15- Vugar Ali “Song”