Exhibition "Saribash"

Exhibition "Saribash"

Gallery of "Gallery-1969" will host the exhibition called "Saribash" which organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan State Art Gallery.
You can look at paintings of Farhad Yalquzaq and Nazim Mammadov, who were sent to Saribash village of the Gakh region.
We must mention that although in this village have many houses but people live only at 30 houses because of hardships of living there.
This village is situated in the north - west of the famous Ilisu village, 1800 metres above the sea level. Nevertheles  nowdays this village have monoethnic population, but during the history  there lived different ethnic groups. Thats why culture of the population affected by diffuse culture.  
The openning ceremony of this exhibition will take place on 27th of September, at 17:00 in Gallery 1969 (Address: U.Hajibayli 69E)
Exhibition will continue 3 more days and later paintings will be exhibited in other regions of Azerbaijan.