"Auction Baku" announces a competition

"Auction Baku" announces a competition

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Art Gallery and Auction Baku signed a memorandum of cooperation. The purpose of the memorandum is to establish business relations in the field of culture and art, to establish contacts between buyers and sellers and to strengthen rivalry in business field. In this regard Art works and Antique items auction will be held for the first time.

Singing up for “Auction Baku” will be two types: buyers and sellers. Auctions and competitions may be open and closed. Any person can participate in an open auction and an open competition. Only invited persons can participate in closed auction and competition.

For sale: [email protected]

For buy: [email protected]

First auction will be held on April 2019. Detailed information about the location and timing of the auction will be send to the participants` e-mail addresses.

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Art works

Ancient furniture

Antique items

Music instruments


Jewelry items

Carpet and carpet products

Rare wines

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