1. Aidan Salakhova
  2. Arif  Alasgar
  3. Aidan Salakhova
  4. Muhammet Aliyev
  5. Rodin “his lover and his friends”
  6. The  first  international  paiting competition of natural events and disasters
  7. The art of Azerbaijan
  8. Нефть и карикатура, Oil and caricature (Bayram Hacızadə)
  9. ”Lithuanian Press Photography”
  10. Tarlan Arts Woodwork Pricate school
  11. Azer art
  12. Nikos D. Kanellos
  13. Josepha
  14. Yves Pires
  15. Любовное построение- Composition with love (Art collection of Reyhan and Ulvi Kasimovs)
  16. State of play (Art in Georgia 1985-1999)
  17. Land art
  18. Palekh icon to souvenir boxes to icons
  19. Art is not only ugly
  20. Mammad Rashidov
  21. Muhammed Aliyev
  22. Tahir Salahov At the Turn of the Centuries