A series of “Art Management” trainings has started.

26.05.2021 / Important events
A series of “Art Management” trainings has started.

On May 25, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the State Art Gallery of Azerbaijan launched a series of webinars called "Art Management".

Director of the Azerbaijan State Art Gallery Galib Gasimov greeted the participants and gave detailed information about the essence of the project.  In his speech, he stressed the importance of creating a single platform in the field of Art Management and increasing interest in this field in the art space of our country.

Speaking at the event, artist Vusal Rahim shared his experiences with the participants, provided useful information that will provide artists with access to the world art market, and spoke about the role of this field in their recognition and formation as a creative person.

The event was held in order to effectively use the creative potential of artists, increase their level of training in "art management", timely action to identify existing shortcomings, to create a new platform for the exchange of information and experience for the development of processes.

It should be noted that the webinars will be held on the basis of a pre-planned program with the participation of experts and experienced people in the field as lecturers.

At the end of the project, participants' listening comprehension and practical skills, and attendance will be periodically tested.

In order to increase attention to this area and attract more people, it is planned to provide project participants with a certificate.

Information about the next webinars will be regularly published on the official website of the Azerbaijan State Art Gallery (, Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.