The republican children's drawing competition "My Thought-2021" is announced

The republican children's drawing competition "My Thought-2021" is announced

Summer within the framework of "Nizami Ganjavi Year" organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting Closed Joint-Stock Company, Khatai District Executive Power, Azerbaijan Artists Union, Nakhchivan Artists Union, Azerbaijan State Art Gallery and Khatai Art Center  Republican children's drawing competition "My Thought-2021" is announced in order to develop the ability of children and young people with artistic talent to depict scenes, events and objects in the field of drawing with their own thoughts. Talented people under the age of 21 in 2021  Baku Khatai Art Center Facebook group ( submitted a photo of the work, the name of the work, the author's name, surname, date of birth, school  and can enter the competition by placing a contact number.

The works must be placed one by one, the information must be complete, no more than 2 works must be sent.

The subject is free.

Most children's works will be selected based on their feelings and thoughts.

The selection will be based on the correct composition, color choice and idea, taking into account the age of the author.

During the selection, preference will be given to work without outside (teacher, parent and child).

Unexhibited - we would like to see new works.

Foreign citizens can also participate in the competition.

The selection will be held in 3 age categories and a separate exhibition will be held for each age category: up to 11 years old, between 11-16 and 16-21 years old

The works of the authors who passed the first round will be invited to the Khatai Art Center for display at the exhibition.

If there are those who are dissatisfied with the selection of the jury (teacher, parent and student), they can apply to the e-mail address [email protected] within 3 working days from the announcement of the selection and confirm themselves by drawing under the supervision of a member of the jury at the appointed time.  .

Additional questions can be answered by writing to 051 310 74 01 whatsapp number.

Authors whose works are displayed at the exhibition will be awarded certificates and letters of appreciation from active learning centers (clubs, art schools, etc.).

Award fund

Collective exhibition of the most active educational institution

Group exhibition of authors of 10 selected works

Note: The event will be continued as usual, otherwise online, if the social isolation measures applied in connection with COVID-19 infection are eliminated.

Press supporters: Azertaj, Olaylar, Madaniyyat newspaper, Edumap,,, and Tanisholag magazine.

The final exhibition of the competition will be held at the Khatai Art Center.