An exhibition entitled "Unexampled Courage" will be held.

An exhibition entitled "Unexampled Courage" will be held.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “ASAN service”, Azerbaijan Artists Union, Azerbaijan State Art Gallery, Khatai Art Center and “ASAN Volunteer School” on September 24 at 16:00 dedicated to “Remembrance Day” on September 27.  Courage ”art exhibition will be held.

The exhibition will feature works by Azerbaijani artists and sculptors in various styles and genres immortalizing the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

Artists wishing to participate in the exhibition can send a quality photo of their paintings, the name, size and technique of the work, along with their name, surname and contact numbers to [email protected] until September 20.

The exhibition will be held in accordance with the quarantine rules adopted by the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Detailed information: +994 77 717 33 37